It’s time for businesses to wake up!

Max Borsa

With the uncertainties of Brexit to deal with, then Covid, for many businesses, it’s been a tough 12 months that’s for sure.

But with Brexit now complete and mass vaccination well under way, the rays of hope for an end to this turbulence are shining ever brighter.

The Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey expects Britain’s economy to recover strongly during 2021 helped by billions of pounds worth of pent-up consumer demand. Chief economists predict the UK will be ‘firing on all cylinders’ by the spring with a “recovery to remember after a year to forget”.

So now’s the time to get your name back in the frame.

The challenge for marketers is how to utilise precious budgets in order to maximise marketing returns. To ensure any marketing effort now really does move the dial.

A sound strategy built on real market insights (not internal assumptions) is certainly a good start.

Research, segmentation, targeting and positioning – the backbone to marketing, is now more important than ever.

Invest time and resources effectively here and you will reap the benefits. Miss the mark with these foundation stages and your communication tactics will literally crumble around you.

There’s of course the myriad of marketing channels to decipher. Social, paid search, SEO, TV, VOD, Radio, programmatic and directly bought online display, press, out of home and many more. All have their place and cater for all budgets. Understanding relevancy, how each channel interacts and the ability to accurately measure performance is key to a sound marketing plan.

And finally… the creative. The magic bit that can’t be Googled, copied and pasted or generated by an app. The clever idea, the smile in the mind, the essence within all memorable campaigns that manages to successfully resonate with its intended audience and drive positive action.

Get all of this right and you will see real, tangible returns from your marketing.

So if your business wants to capitalise on the pent-up financial energy that’s waiting to be released in 2021, now’s the time to wake up and consider a well-planned, well-executed creative marketing campaign.

And if you’d like an experienced, proven team of friendly professionals to give you a hand, Cheeky can help you make 2021 a success.

It’s time for businesses to wake up!