a real pick me up

Oakhouse Foods wanted to launch a completely new range of supplements, tailored specifically to their client base, the over-50s.

Cheeky was tasked to produce an identity and packaging for the range to communicate the specialist offering. Whilst the range is designed for an older market, we wanted to ensure we conveyed a positive approach to life and staying well.

We created a visually striking brand designed to cut through the noisy supplements marketplace making it easy for customers to find the specific products they needed. While competitors play safe, treading a well-worn path, we commissioned characterful illustrations combining them with a vibrant, fresh, colour palette to add lightness, confidence and a little fun to the identity.

A nod back to “bygone eras”, subtly reminds the range is for an older audience, without patronising. Whilst the punchy colours subliminally convey product efficacy and help differentiate and categorise the products in the range.




just the ticket

We also developed a range of social media, print and poster executions to help drive the brand message home.

It seems our work has given sales a boost too with some very encouraging early results.