yogurt for people on the moooove

Yep, it’s easy when you get briefed on a campaign for yogurt designed to be eaten on the go to chuck a few puns in.

Thankfully we resisted. Almost.

Nomadic are a small dairy based in County Donegal, Ireland. The yogurts are packaged with a handy spoon and are designed to be eaten by commuters, office workers, at desks, on trains, anywhere you have to grab a quick snack.

The initial campaign was tested in and around the commuter lines and stations of London using digital 6 sheets, tube cards and train posters. A social campaign was created to compliment the outdoor activity and a targeted digital video campaign is underway. All media planning and buying was done in house by Cheeky.

A pesky pandemic has put a temporary halt to the ‘on-the-go’ snacks category, but when things start moving again, so will Nomadic.


a small movie

As the shoot, on a real dairy farm during the wettest January in living memory, proved interesting we thought we’d include it in a little behind the scenes film to share with you.

Jonny, the boy leading the cow was a trooper and we got the shots and some video between milking. Days like that are all part of the fun.

The stations were all shot on the hoof (sorry) in London, then began the production process.