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Cheeky people.

The perfectly formed, Cheeky team is presented here so you can have a good nosey. A mix of experience, talent and boundless enthusiasm that can deal with just about anything the modern world we call marketing can throw at us. We should also mention the amazing network of Cheeky specialists we regularly call upon who integrate seamlessly as needed and with whom this page would become rather unwieldly should we include pictures of them all.

the team

& talent

If you'd like to bring your own special Cheekyness to the team, get in touch. We may have an opening, we may not, but we'd love to hear from you as we're always on the lookout for like-minded, hard-thinking people who like to have fun while making great work. We look after our team and offer some rather nice benefits, including sensible working hours, training, career development and employee wellbeing. This and the simpler pleasures in life, having a drink on the beautiful Pantiles or an ice cream in the park to get us away from our screens, all helps explain why our people tend to like being Cheeky.

for the

1. Who are Cheeky?

We are a multi-disciplinary, fully independent agency, formed in 2013, with the aim of doing cracking work for clients that want it.

2. What does
Cheeky do?

We produce creative communications across all media. Be that cracking, cross platform campaigns, one-off , transactional websites, branding, packaging and all manner of digital, social and promotional stuff. We even buy the media for all this, in house.

Carl Ally described what we do like this: “The purpose of advertising is to deliver useful consumer information in an executionally brilliant way”.

We do our best to do this without ego, fluff and as little jargon as possible.

3. Who are the

Who cares?

4. Are you
feeling lucky?

A great question from a cracking film.

5. How can I get
in touch?

A chat with Matt is always a good idea as he’s our new biz chap and has a lovely manner about him. His details are below, as are the general office phone and email contacts.

We’re open to any sort of contact though, the medium of mime, telekinesis or even carrier pigeon, however you feel suits you best.


This question was removed due to excess Cheekyness.

7. What’s love got
to do with it?

We’re very passionate about our work if that’s what you mean?

8. Fish & Chips
or Curry?

Depends on the weather or the mood. However we’re always in the mood for Fish & Chips, whatever the weather.

9. What’s your favourite
quote from any film
or TV show?

So many to choose from. “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” “I am your father”. “Don’t tell him Pike”. “Infamy. Infamy. They’ve all got it in for me”. Take your pick, or send us your favourite.

10. Are there any clients
you’d never work with?

Yes. Why not call and find out if you’re one of the lucky few?

11. You’re on a street
called The Pantiles.
What the Dickens
is a Pantile?

A pantile is an S-shaped tile designed to overlap with its neighbours.

However The Pantiles in Royal Tunbridge Wells is named for the paving tiles installed there in 1699 — one-inch-thick square tiles made from heavy Wealden clay, shaped in a wooden pan before firing (hence the name 'pan-tiles').

12. Agency pets,
yes or no?

We have several dogs who turn up on a regular basis spreading their unconditional love and varying amounts of slobber. Alfonse the agency porcupine has sadly passed through the veil immortal and has been lovingly stuffed and is at rest on the Shelf of Curiosities*. Wayne is saving up for a Harris Hawk and will bring it in when the smaller dogs are out of the building.

13. *What is the
Shelf of Curiosities?

A shelf we put all the treasure from various shoots on. Well, the bits the clients don’t snaffle first. Interesting items include a Pith Helmet, a fully working animatronic cat’s paw, a barbed-wire crown, a cheese iron , a police helmet and a giant rubber duck called Mr Thunderstroke. As well as Alfonse, the late, dear departed agency Porcupine.

14. How do the creatives
keep coming up with
all those cracking ideas?

Talent fed by large amounts of tea, cheese, pork pie and freedom of expression without fear of offending anyone. We filter the offensive stuff out before it leaves the building. Mostly.

15. Can you make
the logo bigger?

Yes, we can. But only if it really helps make the work stronger. You’ll also have to prove this with supporting documents and then have a swearing contest with Wayne. Think wisely.

16. Have you really got
nothing better to do
than read all these
daft questions?

17. What’s it like working
at/for/with Cheeky?

See above answers.

18. Is that it?

Very definitely yes.

More detail

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