Last minute Xmas TV ad?

Last minute Xmas TV ad? Last minute Xmas TV ad?
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  • Wayne Pashley
  • 21.11.2018

Oh yes we can!

By November most Christmas TV campaigns are ready to be unleashed onto the airwaves.
That’s when we got a call from our partners at Sky Adsmart asking to help out with a local client who wanted to be on TV for Christmas.

No problem and in the true spirit of Christmas (and due to budget and time pressures) we decided on a home made solution.
We shot in house, on home made sets, using background voices from our team. Even the music was written and recorded by us, (write the theme tune, sing the theme tune).
The ad aired three weeks after our first meeting with the client.

We had help finishing the spot off from our friends at Scramble in Soho and the lovely Dominic Coleman (Miranda, Upstart Crow) did the VO.
A little goodwill from our client at Polhill and a lot of Christmas spirit goes a long way.

Oh yes it does!

More detail

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