Something to get our teeth into

Something to get our teeth into Something to get our teeth into
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  • Max Borsa
  • 15.03.2021

Oakhouse Foods deliver high quality frozen foods direct to their customers.

Cheeky were briefed to create a new identity and packaging for a new range of softer food for people who have difficulties swallowing (Dysphagia). The new range was to be separate from the Oakhouse brand while keeping the quality and values Oakhouse is respected for and was named 'Made For You'.

Following in-depth qual research with core target audience, Cheeky developed a look and feel which gave colour and vitality to what some consumers felt to be a very 'beige' world. Given that the majority of people with dysphagia are over 65, it was important that the range kept their needs in mind at every step. Along with clear typefaces and larger fonts, colour became very important. The bright colour palette created for the brand is not only appealing, but also practical, categorising meals and making it easy to find what you need in the freezer drawer.

One of the many challenges with softer foods is the perception that the meals are not 'real food'. Made for You meals are made from fresh ingredients which Cheeky brought to the fore on the packaging. The eye-catching watercolours and striking pen and ink illustrations of food (created by Cheeky) not only communicate the idea of 'real' food, but also act as a visual ingredients list for the meal.

With plenty of brand assets to play with and clear guidelines created by Cheeky, the Oakhouse design team, was able to create a suite of materials, for both consumers and HCPs, which maintained a cohesive look while communicating an upbeat feel. This positivity was key for the target audience who are likely to be living with a number of medical conditions and daily challenges around food, giving them reason to enjoy their food again. 

It’s early days, but response has been very positive with a healthy take up of the new range.

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