Bags of challenges too.

Seabrook crisps pride themselves on being 'brilliant by the bagful', delivering a satisfying, quality crunch and flavour. They strive to ensure that everyone can have a 'Seabrook moment'. Our brief then, was to drive awareness of the Seabrook brand and help them to start seriously competing with the likes of Walkers and McCoys in core regions.

Seabrook Seabrook

We partnered with ITV under their 'Business for All' package, which supports brands going onto TV for the first time, thereby achieving 46% rate card discount for Seabrooks. The campaign comprised regional linear spots and a national VOD campaign, supported with YouTube pre-roll and in-stream and out-stream ads to help extend the reach of TV. A flexible schedule allowed access to multiple buying audience programming, thanks to the strong media owner relationships we have here at Cheeky.

Seabrook Seabrook


Increase on the number of units sold


Increase in spontaneous brand awareness


Decrease in brand rejection

"I was impressed! We were looking for an agency which was small enough for us to be an important client to, but large enough to get reasonable deals. It was important that the agency bought what we needed and we didn’t get left with space bought on deal where the best bits went to larger clients. I was also impressed by JJ and Annabel - they were a good fit for the team at Seabrook and I rated their speed and flexibility to meet our planning needs."

Neil Gibson

Head of Marketing

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