Building a brand
in a challenging
media landscape


A truly challenging brief.

Trooli broadband owners briefed Cheeky to create and launch a challenger brand in an ever increasingly competitive market. Geographically specific awareness was required to match the new and growing broadband network, starting with Kent postcodes and extending to pockets across multiple regions nationally.

  • OOH
  • SEO
Trooli Trooli

A truly joined up

The media strategy initially focused on targeted reach to launch Trooli. At the time Trooli was uniquely different in its product offering, providing ‘Fibre to the Property’ as opposed to ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ which all the larger competitors were selling. Education and Engagement was therefore key to help consumers understand why Trooli was different and the subsequent benefits of their product. Trust in a new brand was also essential to success.

The media strategy evolved from broadcast launch channels to engagement led digital and grassroots advocacy.

Sky AdSmart TV allowed us to be highly targeted at a postcode level.

Proprietary Mapping tools allowed us to overlay the ever increasing Trool network with OOH poster sites locations. Our long term media owner relationships allowed us to access buying on a handpicked basis and only buy relevant panels whilst still achieving competitive prices.

Programmatic Digital display and Paid Social mirrored the geographic targeting of the more broadcast channels and drove traffic through to the Trooli website.

Always on paid search ensured in-market customers could always find Trooli at renewal.

Local Influencers were identified and content frequency agreed on a long term basis to drive advocacy and third party partnership support with local football clubs and Christmas markets.

Ongoing door drops and canvassors closed the conversion funnel in key areas.

In parallel, Cheeky launched Trooli’s onto the price comparison websites, through our affiliates programme, increasing access to their target audience and positioning them as a serious competitor in the broadband market.

Trooli Trooli

As Trooli’s network grew and the market became ever more competitive with like for like product offerings, there was increasing pressure on product price and the media strategy became more promotions led across the year.  An always on media strategy was devised with key bursts of activity to ensure both sales were delivered and brand metrics were strengthened year on year.

Some truly impressive
results too.

Month on month new customer acquisition targets were met and retention levels maximised. The network continues to expand into new areas.


Market share in Trooli network areas


Unprompted awareness within target audience group


Brand consideration achieved within advertised footprint

More detail

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