Rice is rice
is rice. Right?


Rice is rice  is rice. Right? Rice is rice  is rice. Right?

30% increase in unprompted brand awareness.

The ready-to-heat rice market is a tough one. Multiple names, supermarket own brands and very little brand loyalty. Veetee asked us to put them top in consumer minds.

  • OOH
Veetee Veetee

We served up a national advertising campaign for Veetee’s range of ready-to-heat rice. We also created a supporting give-away recipe book, shopper marketing campaign, seasonal digital 6 sheets, online prospecting, display advertising, sales support materials and much more.

Veetee Veetee

We served
up a treat.

Unprompted brand awareness increased by over 30% following our campaign and the south-east outdoor campaign alone reached an audience of 11.5 million delivering 142 million impacts.



Increase in unprompted brand awareness


Campaign audience reach


Impacts delivered by campaign

“The Cheeky team are professional, creative and most importantly down to earth and “real”. They provide a full end-to-end solution, delivered with contagious enthusiasm and passion. I have no hesitation recommending them”.

Taryn Weeks

Marketing Director

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