SPAM® looks to broaden its appeal

SPAM® looks to broaden its appeal SPAM® looks to broaden its appeal
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  • Wayne Pashley
  • 09.05.2023

SPAM®, the iconic chopped pork and ham brand, has found a new home at Cheeky Towers.

Hormel, the global branded food company, appointed us as UK creative agency for SPAM® after our earlier, successful competitive pitch for its SKIPPY® Brand. 

Cheeky will support the brand in broadening its appeal beyond its very loyal core customers to attract a new, younger audience of SPAM® lovers.

A campaign, to launch in June, will look to emphasise its key attributes of real ingredients, taste, convenience and versatility. The campaign will run across multiple media channels.

Launched in 1937, by US food group Hormel Foods, SPAM® products are distributed through Danish Crown in the UK.

The business is looking to continue its investment in the brand and grow further through NPD including its recently launched SPAM® Fritters. 

Liz Dee, Head of Marketing at Danish Crown, commented, “Having appointed Cheeky to the SKIPPY® business, we were keen to see how they would approach the unique challenges of the SPAM® Brand.”

Dee continued, “Our history is important and what we have done to date has worked with the existing SPAM® audience and we now need to look forward and consider where future growth will come from. Cheeky proved to be the right partner to help us achieve this growth.”

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