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Thanks to its handy bowl and spoon packaging, Nomadic enjoyed huge success as a grab-and-go yogurt to be eaten at your desk or when commuting. As the world of work changed post-pandemic we had to re-position Nomadic to echo a shift in their target audience from desk-bound commuters to on-the-go front line workers.

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Nomadic Nomadic

The rebrand included a whole new look and feel for a much larger product range. The cow has gone, the boy has stayed and a new brand marque and stronger, industrial, more fast-paced attitude has been introduced across the range of exciting new products.

Success! We delivered
a 216% uplift in recall.

The campaign that followed features a range of busy professionals, including delivery drivers, mechanics, nurses and police officers, getting on with their daily tasks whilst grabbing a Nomadic yogurt or drink when they can. The strong graphics, fast paced nature and gritty dot effect overlay gives the campaign a distinctive look, which runs across all assets.

“Having worked with Cheeky on the rebrand, we were excited to launch the updated look and approach through a consumer facing campaign. We wanted to ensure the creative resonated with our new audience of ‘people who need to get the job done’ in a way that felt authentic and not patronising. The fast pace of the video creative and the short statements on screen reflect our straight-talking, positive approach, culminating with the strapline ‘Nomadic. Ready when you are.”

Bethan Miles

Marketing Manager

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