Spreading the love for peanut butter.

The lovely people at Hormel Foods asked us to pitch for SKIPPY® with the brief to reposition the world's number 2 best-selling peanut butter, to appeal to a new, younger twenty something audience.

Our winning campaign was based around the idea that our 20s is the decade that many of us start to become more comfortable with individuality and self-expression.

  • TV
  • OOH
Skippy Skippy

The TV, Social and digital OOH creative dramatises the versatility and smooth spreadability of SKIPPY® by introducing five key characters, all of whom we see enjoying SKIPPY® in their own individual and distinct ways. At the same time they demonstrate the qualities that set it apart from other peanut butters. Attributes such as its smooth and spreadable nature, it's balanced sweet yet savoury taste and of course, it's sheer scrumminess.


The campaign line ‘Spread it, Mix It, Dip it, Own It’ invites the audience to do the same and own their enjoyment of SKIPPY®, whichever way they choose to eat it. The TV, social and digital OOH media was all planned and bought by our good selves and rolled out initially across the London area.

Increase in YoY sales
and two new major supermarket listings.

It's early days but sales are already moving in the right direction. SKIPPY® has also secured two new listings  as a result of the campaign and our client tells us the product has been flying off the shelves.


"We were looking for a new marketing approach for SKIPPY to help drive market share. Cheeky really got under the skin of the brief creating a fun and engaging campaign"

Frances Sheehan

EMEA Brand Manager, Hormel Foods
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