New younger audience successfully engaged and 7% sales uplift.

Everyone's heard of SPAM®, but apart from a core audience, few have tried it recently. Our task was to recruit new consumers without mentioning The War or Monty Python.

So we delivered a new approach aimed at introducing a younger audience to the many delights of SPAM®, while maintaining its appeal to existing SPAM® lovers.

  • OOH
  • TV

The campaign features a no-nonsense northerner who loves taking inspiration from TV chefs. However, he does take everything with a large pinch of (beautifully sprinkled) salt. After all, their complicated, 'chef-y' ways and locally sourced, high-class deli ingredients are just not realistic for everyday folk. The campaign ran across TV, digital and social.

Final results are pending, but sales increased and the team at SPAM HQ were all very happy with the new direction.

"Having appointed Cheeky to the SKIPPY® business, we were keen to see how they would approach the unique challenges of the SPAM® brand. We needed to look forward and consider where the future growth would come from. Cheeky proved to be the right partner to help us achieve this growth"

Frances Sheehan

EMEA Brand Manager, Hormel Foods

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