So Free

Significant increase in brand awareness and new market openings

Plamil is the original vegan chocolate brand. They came to us for an ad campaign, but first we had to develop a new brand, packaging and strategy for a range of ‘free-from’ chocolate bars.

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Our research showed that people who wanted 'free-from' foods, be that from personal choice or medical reasons, were fed up with bland, texture-free products. Especially when it came to chocolate, which is supposed to be a a treat. They were very passionate about finding products that not only tasted good but felt like mainstream brands. We tapped into this attitude for the ad campaign. The branding again had to fit in with this attitude, giving the whole range a more contemporary, consumer feel, moving away from the slightly medical and cold-looking competitors.

So Free
So Free

Chocolate lovers
loved it.

The bulk side of the business has seen a 25-fold increase. Sweet!

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